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What does it take ?
Find out in The Book Of Judges !

Hi everyone! I am receiving lots of email in respect of the new 170 page book, The Book Of Judges. It can be yours for €39.99 which covers postage and packaging.

The book is an extremely informative look at Professional Judgings in many countries throughout the world with in depth information on how professional associations look at Panels for Qualifications, Single images, judging criteria and the secrets to creating award winning images at a professional level.

I wish to thank everyone who has supported both Henk and I in this endeavour. It has been a long road, a long haul, but we are both happy that the information contained within the covers of this book will prove invaluable to photographers and image makers from all walks of life regardless of their specialist subject matter.

This is the manual, the first of its kind, that allows every person in behind the scenes of how all the various systems work, and strange enough as it may seem, the judgings systems usually arrive at the right result.

Many thanks to my friends and colleagues for their support. It is truly appreciated. Vinnie